Twice each week, the Navajo outreach workers of St. Bonaventure Mission drive the rutted roads of the Eastern Navajo Nation to deliver hot, nutritious meals to the elderly and shut-ins, many living in remote areas. More than 100 meals are prepared and delivered each week – over 6,000 each year.

Roads within the Navajo Nation vary in condition and in rural areas are generally unpaved. In the most remote regions, roads are often only poorly maintained, and are sometimes in nearly unusable condition after very heavy rains or snow, making 4-wheel drive vehicles mandatory for the transportation needs of the outreach staff.

In combination with our meal delivery program, elderly residents living alone are visited once each week by an outreach worker who offers loving support, assesses their health and other basic needs, and makes referrals as appropriate. In addition to over-the-counter medications, personal care items, clothing, and heat sources, the Mission also provides wheelchairs and other assistance as needed.


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