Native Americans living on Reservations suffer under some of the worst housing conditions in the United States. The remote geographic location of the Navajo Nation and the isolated dwellings of the people living here severely limits access to telephone or public utility services including electricity and plumbing. Unfortunately, there are also many homes on the Eastern Navajo Nation that are badly in need of repair.

“I’ve been to 48 or 50 different countries and that housing is comparable to the Third World. Those are the toughest living conditions I’ve seen.” — Rep. Robert Ney, R-OH, then Chairman of the House Financial Services subcommittee on housing and community opportunity after touring the Navajo Reservation and seeing widespread poverty.

At St. Bonaventure Indian Mission we are unwavering in our belief that adequate housing is fundamental to a decent quality of life. For our Navajo neighbors with limited physical and financial resources the Mission pays for building materials and provides labor to complete home repair projects so that homes stay habitable. Projects include patching roofs, replacing doors and windows, installing wheelchair ramps, and replacing outhouses in addition to other necessary repairs.


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