Navajo families suffer under some of the worst housing conditions in the entire country. 

Many people on the Eastern Navajo Reservation, especially the elderly,  still live in traditional wooden hogans with dirt floors and holes in the windows and walls.  These homes are in urgent need of repair.

At St. Bonaventure Indian Mission we are unwavering in our belief that adequate housing is fundamental to a decent quality of life. For our Navajo neighbors with limited physical and financial resources the Mission pays for building materials and provides labor to complete home repair projects so that homes stay habitable. Projects include patching roofs, replacing doors and windows, installing wheelchair ramps, and replacing outhouses in addition to other necessary repairs.

Please help St. Bonaventure Indian Mission address the urgent housing crisis on the Eastern Navajo Reservation. Your gift will make a lasting impact on the lives of Navajo families facing homelessness, overcrowding, and inadequate housing conditions. 

Thank you!

Your Impact

Home Sweet Home: Robin Wood

Disabled US Army veteran Robin Wood lives alone just a few miles from the St. Bonaventure Indian Mission. For most of his life, Robin lived in a home without running water, electricity or heat. The exterior walls of his makeshift dwelling had no siding, the interior walls had no insulation or drywall and the wood floor had no tiles or trim. The freezing cold winter months were especially difficult for Robin.

Today, the outside of Robin’s home has siding, there is insulation and drywall on the inside and the floor is finished with floor tiles and trim. And, through our partnership with Dig Deep, Robin also received a 1,200 gallon water cistern, pump, sink and a solar lighting system.

St. Bonaventure would like to thank all of our wonderful partners, volunteers and benefactors for your vital role in making special housing projects like this possible. Your generosity and lovingkindness are making a profound impact in the lives of men, women and children living on the Eastern Navajo Nation. God bless you!

The Wandering Shepherd: Andy Bodie

Andy Bodie lives in a remote part of the Eastern Navajo Reservation. In his more than seventy years living here, Bodie recalls nearly freezing to death on at least three separate occasions. He also remembers the time he had no choice but to remove the wooden roof from his mother’s old home and use it as firewood – just to survive the extreme cold.

Bodie recently underwent major back surgery. To help him maintain his independence, the St. Boanventure Outreach team was able to add a wheelchair accessible ramp as well as complete other urgent and long-overdue repairs to the exterior and interior of his single-room hogan.

Thank you for the inspiring role you play in helping to rebuild and repair Navajo homes. Not only are you providing safe and secure shelter for Navajo children, elders, and families, but you are helping to sustain their lives, independence, and dignity.


Help Provide Navajo Families with A Safe Place to Live!