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Inspired teachers are the foundation on which St. Bonaventure Indian School was established. Today, the need for committed, qualified educators is as strong as ever. The school depends on people willing to give of themselves to assist the Navajo children in reaching a brighter future.



It takes a special kind of person with commitment, determination and expertise to bring to this unique ministry. A degree in Education and a minor in a specific subject is ideal. Being a Catholic is not a requirement; however, since the Mission is a Catholic agency, it has a specific code of conduct.



The minimum requirement is to have an educational background in order to be certified in the state of New Mexico as a teacher. Computer literacy is desirable and the Mission provides in-depth training on Internet use and the use of educational and specific application programs.



St. Bonaventure School makes a real investment in every teacher. In turn, it is expected that the teacher will ‘invest’ in learning about the Navajo culture, traditions, values, and history, and will be flexible enough to adapt to the learning style of the Navajo child.



In return, St. Bonaventure Indian School provides a salary, free housing and utilities, and medical and dental insurance.

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Tracie Lee joined the St. Bonaventure staff in 2016 as the new principal of St. Bonaventure Indian School. Her focus is the students’ academic and spiritual development so that they can become productive members of the community.

If you wish to teach at St. Bonaventure School, contact Tracie or fill out the form on the page.


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