New Mexico Drought Monitor

New Mexico Drought Data

New Mexico, a state known for its diverse landscapes, is currently facing a drought. Although the state is no stranger to dry spells, the intensity of the current drought has left residents and officials deeply concerned. To keep up with a localized New Mexico Drought Monitor, we have linked above a constantly updating New Mexico Drought Monitor. However, let’s learn more about the conditions in New Mexico.

Can You Have a Drought in the Desert?

Yes, deserts can experience droughts. Although New Mexico is located in the American Southwest and the topography of New Mexico is largely considered desert, droughts can still harm desert ecosystems. Though deserts are typically dry and receive little precipitation, drought can still occur if the amount of rainfall falls below the regional average. Severe droughts threaten the survival of even the most resilient organisms, including plants, animals, insects, and humans.


What’s Causing the Drought?

The drought in New Mexico is happening because it’s not raining enough, and it’s getting hotter due to climate change. When it doesn’t rain much and it’s hot, everything dries up, and there’s not enough water for people to use. As we all know, water is an incredibly important resource since humans drink it to survive, grow food, and generate power. Unfortunately, when there’s not enough water, it’s hard for farmers to grow crops, and animals struggle to find water to drink.

water scarcity

Nature is Hurting Too

The lack of water isn’t just affecting people—it’s also hurting nature. Rivers and streams are drying up, which is bad for fish and other animals that live in the water. Forests are at risk of wildfires because everything is so dry, and plants and animals are struggling to survive.

Tough Times for the Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation in New Mexico in particular is having a tough time. With less water, it’s harder for them to grow the crops they need to sell. Some are even having to leave fields empty because there’s not enough water to grow what they need.

How St. Bonaventure Indian Mission is Helping

St. Bonaventure Indian Mission works to help deliver water to the homes of Eastern Navajo Reservation residents who lack mobility due to their advanced age or their lack of transportation means. You can help support the St. Bonaventure Indian Mission’s water delivery efforts by giving a gift today.

How New Mexicans are Combatting the Drought

To deal with the drought, people are trying to use less water and find ways to save the water they have. Local and Federal Governments are also working on plans to help communities deal with the dry spell and be ready for future droughts. Even though things are tough right now, people in New Mexico are working together to find solutions. By saving water and coming up with smart ideas, we can make sure everyone has enough water, even when it’s not raining much. It’s all about working together and finding ways to take care of our beautiful state, even during tough times.


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