New Gymnasium

New Gymnasium Construction Project


You can help us lay the foundation for the future!

More than 90 percent of St. Bonaventure Indian School students come from families living at, near, or below the poverty limit. They face a daily struggle for basic necessities like food, water and a safe roof over their heads. 

But being poor doesn’t stop kids from dreaming about a better future.  It just makes their dreams infinitely more difficult to achieve.

For their sake, please join the Mission in laying the foundation for their future and success.


On August 15th, following months of careful planning and preparation, St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School broke ground on our new gymnasium building.  As you can see in our groundbreaking ceremony video recap, we were delighted to be joined by Navajo and local community leaders, St. Bonaventure Faculty and Staff, and host of other dear friends gathered together to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Project Scope and Floor Plans 

The new 18,000-square-foot building will feature two regulation size basketball courts, additional space for the dance teams, seating capacity for 600 fans, separate men’s and women’s locker rooms, and a concession stand equipped with a small kitchenette.

Exterior Plan:

new gym exterior plan

Interior Plan:

new gym interior plan

We can't do this without you!

This extensive construction project is the largest and most expensive in the history of the mission - but so important for the children we serve.  Recognizing the extraordinary nature of this moment, a leadership group of donors has already stepped up to and help secure enough revenue to build the foundation and the exterior of the building.

We need your help to cover the remaining and significant cost of completing the interior of the new gym.  Will you stand with St. Bonaventure, once again, by offering your most generous gift today?

Please consider making a one-time gift to help us build our new gymnasium. Or, please consider offering regular support each month by becoming a member of our Good Shepherd Circle. With your help, we can help give impoverished Navajo children their childhood back.  Thank you!


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St. Bonaventure Indian School is a private, Catholic school located at the southeastern edge of the Navajo Nation in Thoreau, NM. The school is one of the ministries of St. Bonaventure Indian Mission which serves the Diné of the area.

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